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STI Respondents indicated the date of their last STI testing and self-reported whether they had been told they had either gonorrhea, chlamydia, or trichomonas at that time The primary survey did not include questions about other STIs, and so our analyses aller à la source limited to these. American Journal of Public Health. Given the cross-sectional design of our study, it is also possible that the STI preceded the episode of incarceration. One study identified opioid-dependent women as less likely to delay sex in order to obtain a condom, potentially increasing risk for STI, but in a large, nationally representative sample, non-prescription opioid use was not associated with STI diagnosis after adjusting for demographics and other drug use. Compared with those who had not been tested for STI in the past six months, those with recent STI testing tended to be younger, identify as White, Latina, or Native American, and fewer had completed high school or equivalent. Results Of the 631 women in the overall sample, 394 had STI testing in the past six months and comprised the study subsample Table 1.

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Prevalence and predictors of trichomonas infection in newly incarcerated women. Syndemic theory and HIV-related risk among young transgender women: Knittel, Lambdin, Comfort, et al. The study subsample did not significantly differ from the overall sample in terms of the proportion engaging in sex exchange, the proportion with a steady partner, nor in the distribution of numbers of sexual partners. Description of the study sample, non-criminal justice variables, and the comparison between the subsample with recent STI testing and those without and p -values from Fisher's exact test. Bivariate sexe de groupe martin kral regression models were created to calculate unadjusted odds ratios for self-reported STI with the independent variables of demographics, criminal justice involvement, and drug use. This meant that there were also smaller numbers of women in each of the categories of criminal justice involvement, and contributed to the extremely broad confidence intervals that we reported.

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Bivariate logistic regression models were created to calculate unadjusted odds ratios for self-reported STI with the independent variables of demographics, criminal justice involvement, and drug use. In other words you had sex with partner A, then partner B, and then partner A. A social network perspective. An episode of incarceration lasting two to three weeks is long enough to disrupt housing and employment arrangements, potentially increasing the need to engage in sex trade activity. Implications for screening policy.

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We have an exciting journey ahead. Share. Martin. Martin Král is a core member of The Boston Consulting Group's Financial Institutions and Insurance practices,​.

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[Bogotá) Asociación Colombiana de Facultades de Medicina, División de Estudios de Población, Estudios Socio-Demográficos Edited by Kan Chen, with the assistance of George J. Kral. (Travaux du Groupe d'ethnologie sociale) - 04NLM: WS Cp Cit. New York, St. Martin's Press [] xv, illus.

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