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The underside of the sock shows the well traced sole, as the green and black filth has stuck under each little shrimp pads, the ball of her foot and under her round heel, thus showing well where those spots par lien into contact with the ground. I am still in movement and look at her walk on the bare earth at the foot of the swings, then on the green grass further away. And so my love for my best friend grew even bigger. She pronounces the words in a muffled voice, her mouth half filled with my wiggling toes which she eagerly tastes one by one! Once well sunk into the deep cushions, Linda slips down my legs and quickly removes my second shoe. Wearing our pleated skirts, white blouse, white knee-high socks and low heel shoes, Linda and I head for the park. My tongue darts out and slips under each of her lovely digits.

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Linda pulls at the ropes, stretching both her legs en savoir plus, her feet pointed. With only one shoe on, I let myself being awkwardly walked backwards, towards the large sofa of the living room. She caresses the underside of my soft high arch. But it isn't as easy at it may seem, since I am wearing slippery opaque white nylon socks that come up to below the knee. As this one, there are three more swings which all look very inviting. Studying isn't on our minds as the dry warm air that caresses our skin invites us to play outside instead. Swaying slowly now, I relax my leg muscles and in doing so, my shoes slip and both my heels become exposed.

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Crossing the ankles under my chair, my shoes slip off easily and fall to the wooden floor, each time making a peculiar sound that gives me away. Our pink fleshy lips sink into each other's as my vagina is on fire.! The white cotton sock is very dirty and full of earth and grass. I then insert her big toe inside my mouth and begin to suck on it as if it were a little penis! In an effort not to lose my little black patent ballerinas, I fan the toes and curl them up inside the vamps to hold my shoes which almost fall off every time I am on a backward motion. They finally come to a rest close to one another, both upside. I am so lubricated that most of her foot could very well sink into vagina!

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FERRY [fèr'rt] n. 1. + bac (hist. du Bas-Empire) sceptre impérial, m. FETICH [​fé tik] n. fétiche (divinité tutélaire des nègres), m. 1, | sans fers (aux pieds); 2.

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; Th. , 21; Ph. fmflan to fetch; addficére, Lye. v. fetish. flatness, Ba fsettan fearas me ofsiton tauri plagues obsédérunt me, Ps. Th. 21, In geanu Elmira fines figan stédan I glue to Elmctt' one pied steed, Th. Diplm. 0d To rejoice, be delighted with, wish for; gaudEre, apphtérei—Fagnian to rejoice, Rt. 30, 1;.

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Aussi-tôt que le maïz commence à verdir, & qu'il est de la hauteur d'un pied, il est C'est dans cette saison que les Ser ens mettent bas leurs petits; & le lieu Sentence de lllOrt COIl[rt* tous les porcs de juida, pour avoir tué un Fétiche.

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